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Kid A [userpic]


June 29th, 2010 (01:02 am)

feeling: thoughtful

are you guys still alive?

it's been so long i almost forgot how to post to this thing.
back in the day i think we bonded over svu. is anyone still following the show? because i just watched the first episode with Sharon Stone and i desperately need to rant.

otherwise, i'll have to rant to people at work. and they already know about my lusting for Alex and my crazy subtextual theories. but something in their bored little faces tells me they don't care.

and just incase you do navigate back to my page and happen to see this the VERY outdated picture above my journal, then shit man, i apologise. as soon as i figure out how to change that picture i will. because, shit, i haven't looked like that in 5 years. and boy do i miss being that skinny.


Kid A [userpic]

(no subject)

February 21st, 2009 (01:13 am)

do they have double cheeseburgers in america?

Kid A [userpic]

it's been 29 weeks..

February 14th, 2009 (01:40 am)

feeling: calm

and i wish i had something more interesting to say, but no.


(and also, has Casey been replaced in SVU? because i haven't watched it in about 3 years and then i did and poof she was not there.)

Kid A [userpic]

(no subject)

July 24th, 2008 (07:51 pm)

current location: home
feeling: sleepy
blasting: lucky - radiohead

Kid A [userpic]


March 20th, 2008 (07:35 pm)


Kid A [userpic]

(no subject)

December 6th, 2006 (07:56 pm)

current location: in the sky with diamonds
feeling: hot
blasting: O_o!!


this is a new song from Sarah Blasko.
trust me, this is like a supliment for the breakfast of champions, this'll help you start your day right.
do it.


Queen of Apology
What the sea wants, The sea will have
Sarah Blasko


there's a bit of Scully in there methinks.

Kid A [userpic]

(no subject)

November 13th, 2006 (09:11 pm)

current location: home
feeling: enthralled
blasting: KOL


guess what.
they're finally airing 'ghost' in australia. dude.

i haven't been this excited over svu since... y'know, the good old days.
oh but wait.. they may have shown it while i was overseas? mebbe?
I DON'T CARE MMKAY. ahh shit, i sound like a 12 year old fangirl.

i'm going before i embarrass myself any further.

oh and DEAN GAYer is finally off idol, the pansy boy. did you see all the 12 year old girls crying? seriously man.

aaaaaaaaaaanyway. i'm really going now.

see what happens when i post? this is why i restrain myself.

newtown festival.

check out my sexy builders tan.

Kid A [userpic]

(no subject)

November 5th, 2006 (07:53 pm)

feeling: lazy

 meet Lizzy the Lezzy.

Kid A [userpic]

(no subject)

October 19th, 2006 (04:39 am)

current location: home
feeling: thoughtful
blasting: King of Leon - Milk

one month till i turn 20.
goodbye teenage years, good riddance.
the first year was an absolute bastard but the rest were bearable i guess. ugh.
i've got no regrets though, every mistake has taught me a lesson.. but it's the things that i didn't choose, the things i had no say in, the deterioration of someone i love, loved, those things piss me off.
i've met people though, that've shared stories, opened up to me and shown me that everyones got shitty things going on.
anyway i don't know where i'm going with this, i'm not emo or anything, it's just a weird feeling that's come over me, like some things seem so long ago yet if i start talking about them the memories are still so fresh. anyhooooo.

mikee_pm and maroukian have left lj. two of my favourite people, two of the first to be on my flist. i'll miss you guys, even though i'm younger you always treated me with respect and never spoke down to me, that being said.. i'm gonna miss mikee calling me kiddo and maroukian calling me champ. it won't be the same without the encouragement you guys have given me, especially with the journalism stuff. good luck with the future guys.

Kid A [userpic]

i wrote this.

September 13th, 2006 (04:03 pm)

feeling: productive


Kid A [userpic]

i stole this.

August 1st, 2006 (06:09 pm)

feeling: restless
blasting: Milk - Kings of Leon

it said porn, i could not resist.
i stole this from shattered_mug
on my filtered flist.
now you must read
and comply with the rules
do it for me, my lovely fools! <3

Put your playlist on random...
1. Your favorite sexual position? Radiohead - Like Spinning Plates.
2. Your views on anal sex? Radiohead - Big ideas, don't get any. (hee.)
3. How good are your oral skills? LOA - Improper methods. =\
4. How slutty are you? Arctic Monkeys - Scummy (HAHAHAH how unfourtunate was that.)
5. How horny are you? Audioslave - Like a stone.
6. How do you like your sex? Radiohead - Climbing up the walls. (um, YES)
7. Spit or swallow? Elbow - Don't mix your drinks
8. How frequently do you masturbate? Jeff Buckley - Calling you (touche.)
9. Where do you most like having sex? Kate bush - Wuthering Heights (oh, heathcliff you sexy beast.)
10. Best song to fuck to? Beck - Sexx laws (ok, I cheated on this one.)

mikee_pm, how are you?

(i miss being on holidays.)

Kid A [userpic]


July 14th, 2006 (07:59 pm)

current location: the end of the rainbow.
feeling: sick
blasting: slow hands - interpol

would anyone like to buy me a car?

or maybe a fender electric?

or maybe just some more RAM so i can actually play the sims.*

*in exchange i promise not to give you the flu via the internets.

and because i'm curious, i want you to tell me about the best birthday present you've ever recieved.

Kid A [userpic]

(no subject)

July 1st, 2006 (08:18 pm)

current location: the dark side of the moon o_O
feeling: i miss hot butch liv.
blasting: lucky - R A D I O H E A D

Hallo lovahs.

may i say that nudges make me feel extra special? mikee_pm and theorangegirlxx, you ladies make me fuzzy.

so,  if any of you have been following the world cup you will have noticed Australias  unjust  UNFAIR CONTROVERSIAL exit.
as someone said in the paper. "WE WUZ ROBBED"  to be honest, i wasn't expecting us to win, but i wasnt expecting us to lose in the 92nd minute from a penalty that wasn't ever supposed to be a penalty. *tear*
em fim, Portugal plays against England tonight and i've got a dreaded feeling we're going to lose too.  :(
maybe i'll just root for brazil?

in other news, i think i've been published. twice. remember the articles on civil unions i wrote about a few months ago? ha, yeh.
i'll have to get a hold of the paper and see if it went to print and i'll post it up.

OH, holidays also mean i get to read. wanna hear about a book? well imma tell you anyway.
it's narrated by a 15 year old boy with a form of autism, and yes it is teenfiction but y'know what? i still have a few months before i'm twenty so thats OK. anyway, he goes on a walk and finds his neighbours dog, dead, with a garden fork through it. he starts the book off by trying to find out who killed the dog, and i'll tell ya, it's not who you'd expect. the biggest shock happens about half way through the book and it's got to do with his mother, but i won't say anymore because i want everyone to go out and borrow or buy or STEAL this book. mmk?
oh, the title right, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.

read it, for me, plz. <3

wow, i think this is the first time i've ever written more than a few lines.



Kid A [userpic]


June 18th, 2006 (10:59 pm)

feeling: attack!
blasting: gritting teeth.

lack of sleep + lack of sex + deadlines = very grumpy tatas.

(soon i will capture my life back from the evil clutches of TAFE and all hell will be unleashed!)


Kid A [userpic]

i got tagged.

June 7th, 2006 (06:31 pm)

feeling: happy
blasting: QOTSA - Little Sister.

List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same.

1. Alex Cabot. (seasons 3&4) >> SVU.
2. Olivia Benson. (seasons 3&4) >> SVU.
3. Meg? >>Jodie Foster in Panic Room (i think i like chicks with guns. being tough.)
4. Evie >>Rachel Weisz >> The Mummy Returns (MILF.)
5. Lucilla >> Gladiator (she gives me lady wood)
6. Michelle Pfeiffer >> What lies Beneath (yummmmm)
7. Jeniffer Connollly >> A Beautiful Mind (those eyes. i cannot resist those eyes.)
8. Jane Lane >> Daria (cartoons are hot.)
9. Captain Jack Sparrow. >> POTC (the only man i'm straight for.)
10. Scully >> The X-files (my first lady crush. i think i was 9?) HA

do we see a trend? i think i have a thing for older women. nothin' wrong with that.

friends filters are the best thing ever. i've realised i can live without checking community posts every day. it takes 5 minutes to read ljs now.
it also helps me keep sane when i don't have to read...

♥ 12 year old Amy.

sometimes i'm bitter.

Kid A [userpic]

we're all just fodder.

May 7th, 2006 (10:00 pm)

feeling: content
blasting: the rakes - iProblem

i uploaded this for teh girlfriend and i thought i'd share.

The Decemberists - Kingdom Of Spain

a very lovely song.

In the Kingdom of Love
Oh, we're all just fodder
As the cannonades drub
Our sons and daughters
But oh the King and the Queen of Love
In their long white fingerless gloves
Bang the gavel for the long lost Kingdom of Love

Kid A [userpic]


April 9th, 2006 (05:44 pm)

current location: swamp
feeling: lazy

she's cut her hair. and.. wow. boobs.

i'm having a shallow day.

Kid A [userpic]


April 3rd, 2006 (07:35 pm)

current location: my house
feeling: tired
blasting: kings of leon

i'm not dead!

but if school keeps throwing assignments at me i may die, rly soon.
oh god, and you know it's bad when you start looking at sentences and telling yourself you just used incorrect grammar. not that i talk to myself. because i don't.

i am a boring person. i went out this friday for the first time since n.y.e.. that's.. 4 MONTHS.

so, this is a warning that you can all expect me to disappear for a while as i've got a major investigation project, a working business plan AND a long-ass case i have to adjudicate, all due over the next month.

i just want to be a photo journalist. and take pretty pictures of puppies in fields. with my pink camera.

i think i'm getting delerious.


if anyone finds articles on australia banning homosexual civil unions send them my way, if you can.

i really am boring.

Kid A [userpic]

(no subject)

February 23rd, 2006 (12:03 am)

feeling: excited
blasting: IGGY POP!! - never met a girl like you before

new layout featuring my crappy emo photography! LOOKIT!!

has anyone else heard about this?

Charlise Theron + Kate Moss = Lesbians in a new movie.

girl!boner much?

Kid A [userpic]

in short, for i am lazy.

February 13th, 2006 (10:49 pm)

feeling: happy
blasting: Pink Floyd - Time

i started my News Media course today. the first lecture kicked off with grammar.. how can anyone expect me to function properly at *9am? oh god, and she was throwing around verbs and nouns and adjectives and other things i can't remember right now.. bah!

the second half of the day was spent on WEB DESIGN [!]. my teacher has very long dreads and a nose piercing. he is funny. he does not like Bill Gates. he likes long walks by the beach. he asked if anyone in the class had a livejournal and surprise, i was the only dork with my hand up. i don't care though, at least i know how to write stuff in a text box and press update and with ftp magic (orsomethingother) POOF here is my ranting for people to see.

BAH! tomorrow is valentines day. (in australia anyway) happy vday babeh

* i have not been up at 7.30 in the morning in a very long time

THIS SONG IS GOLD. (direct link, right click > save as..)

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