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________________arrest this girl.

________________i've given all i can.

Kid A
19 November 1986
ab fab, abbie carmichael, abbie/olivia, absolutely fabulous, alcohol, alex cabot, alex/abbie, alex/olivia, angie harmon, angst fic, arctic monkeys, audrey hepburn, basement jaxx, beach house, black nail polish, bloc party, blur, broken social scene, bruce the gay pen, bush, buttons, captain jack sparrow, chester the gay bag, chill out, chinese bbq pork, chocolate, coldplay, crazy people, dolce&gabbana, donnie darko, edgar allen poe, edward norton, emo, family guy, fan fiction, felix the gay pen, femslash, fight club, flip phones, franz ferdinand, fuel, funny stuff, gale harold, general pants co., girls, gisele bundchen, gladiator, goldfrapp, goo goo dolls, guitar, happy chef, happy tree friends, helter skelter, hip bones, hot hot heat, icon making, icons, incubus, jeans, jeff buckley, jodie foster, john lennon, john travolta, johnny depp, joy division, jude law, kath & kim, l word, lamb, law & order svu, lip rings, little britain, marc jacobs, ministry of sound, missy higgins, mogwai, movies, muse, music, my green ipod, newtown, noodles, o rly., oasis, oc, old music, olivia benson, parklife, patrick wolf, pepsi, photography, photoshop, placebo, portishead, procrastinating, pulp fiction, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, rachel weisz, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, red skins, sandra bullock, sara sidle, sarah blasko, seth, shallow viewing, shiny, sigur ros, sneaker pimps, stephanie march, summer, the absurd, the beatles, the cure, the kinks, the pixies, the simpsons, the sims2, the smiths, the strokes, tim roth, touching, u2, will & grace, writing